Uncorked Sessions

Scheduled after Thursday’s talks and session and before Friday morning’s facilitated visioning and synthesizing, the Uncorked Sessions offer a work group space for our group of big thinkers and doers to share and exchange ideas, information, and strategy in “unconference” style sessions. These sessions are optional but highly encouraged. These are attendee-led work groups, with a few curated sessions as well. You may choose to lead or participate in discussions, extensions of conversations, social gatherings, or listening exercises. To view current sessions and sign up for your own, visit this link:

S E S S I O N   S I G N U P S

Is there an idea or question that has surfaced during the conference that you’d like to spend more time on? Propose a session! Have you been emailing about Zebra ideas? Offer to lead a discussion and propel the movement forward. This is also an opportunity to surface thoughts and language to bring to Friday morning’s manifesto work, where we’ll express commitments about our intentions with the movement.

On Thursday during the day, you can sign up to lead sessions and also indicate which proposed topics are of interest to you. We’ll place sessions into rooms and time slots. A final schedule will be posted (and emailed to you) at 5 pm at Left Bank and will be available at Uncorked.

There are a number of rooms for sessions as well as quiet rooms, and lounge areas for conversation. Facilitators will be on hand. Snacks, drinks, music, sharpies, stickies, and sofas all guarantee a Dazzlin good time.

Work groups should operate with attention paid to listening, sharing, and making sure everyone gets a chance to speak. You must adhere to the code of conduct and ensure the evening’s events embody the considerate, respectful, and cooperative values of the Zebra movement.


Thursday, November 16th

4 PM: Session suggestions close at Leftbank, we organize requests and signups and assign rooms/session spaces/facilitators to groups

5:30 PM: Regular conference lets out, some folks may arrive

6 PM: Huddle with all facilitators/session organizers

7 PM: Group exercise led by Rebecca, our fearless curator

7:30-10 PM: 45 minute sessions


Questions? Contact Rachel: rachel@zebrasunite.com