Zebras Unite calls for a more ethical and inclusive movement to counter existing startup and venture capital culture. We believe creating an alternative to this status quo is a moral imperative.  

We are:

Watch: DazzleCon 2017 — our first gathering of zebras IRL!




I left Portland both in awe of what you pulled off and re-energized by the folks that I met. I felt like I was watching Nirvana play a small club in Seattle, or the Beatles riff in a tiny Manchester basement club — being a part of something big the beginning.
— Entrepreneur and journalist David Skok
DazzleCon was an eyeopening affirmation that it is possible to successfully intersect business, impact, social good, and personal representation. Watch out world because this dazzle will be blinding!
— Faseeha Khan-Jensen, Co-Founder The Level Market
This is the real deal. We’re changing the way business is done, and this is a nexus of where and how that is happening.
— Corey N.M. Kohn, founder & member-owner of dojo4


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unicorn v zebra chart

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